Here's What Happy Owners have to Say

Piper, my newly adopted kitty, began inappropriately urinating on my bed. He was also having bouts of diarrhea and constipation. The veterinarian diagnosed the constipation and diarrhea as colitis. I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do so I called Deb. The first thing we did was to change his diet. That, along with the oils, turned Piper into a completely different cat. Thanks to Deb he is a much happier and healthier kitty, and I am a much happier mom!
Tara Lamb, Wild Rose WI
For two years our 7 year-old Chocolate Lab, Aggie, suffered from a deep, unpleasant smelling, recurring ear infection that cost us hundreds of dollars in antibiotics, hard to find hypo-allergenic dog food, and surgical cleaning of the ears. No one could touch her ears without her yelping and cowering in pain. Within two weeks of introducing Deb’s specifically selected oils, one adjustment to her regular dog food and implementing two simple behavioral changes we were on our way to having our happy healthy dog back. It was like a small miracle!
Butch and Julie Eger, Wautoma, WI

My 19-year-old dog, Lady, and I are a team. It is my deepest wish that Lady’s remaining time be as joyful and as comfortable as possible. Deb’s easy manner with animals created an immediate environment of trust, both from Lady and myself. Her explanations on which oils were chosen and why, were insightful and very thoroughly explained. By her knowledge and instruction, Deb has gifted us with another way that allows us to work together in caring for one another. We are most grateful and feel extraordinarily blessed to have Deb in our lives.
Terry Kohl, Wild Rose, WI

Cash my six-year-old quarter horse gelding didn’t take me going back to college well. The barn workers and I noticed he had been losing weight and seemed stiff and depressed. I immediately called the vet who informed me that he could have an ulcer. Deb did a work-up and clearly explained what she could do to help. She suggested essential oils, red light therapy, and a change in diet. Deb explained to me how horses process the oils and what to pay attention to. I have never seen my horse react in such a positive way. It was truly an amazing transformation. Deb helped me give something back to Cash. She helps you to build or strengthen a bond for a lifetime.
Amy Mykisen, Bancroft, WI

I have been a fan of essential oils for a while. I didn't realize how effective they could be with animals until I met Deb. She did a workup for my 10yr. old St. Bernard, Mahina, and my 9 yr. old physically challenged cat Junior. Both animals suffered from physical and emotional issues. When we began working with the oils, Mahina radically improved becoming more calm and sleeping more soundly at night.

Junior was not able to use his back legs as the muscles were atrophied. He could not even sit up. With Deb's help, and suggestion to use red light therapy and essential oils, he now sits up and with help, is practicing walking. He loves the essential oils. It has reduced his irritability and has created a stronger bond between us.

I highly recommend Deb and her abilities. She has a wealth of knowledge, is professional, understanding, and extremely compassionate. I'm a forever fan! 
Michelle Novenski, Mt. Morris WI