Acupressure is an ancient and revered Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modality. It is similar to acupuncture but does not require use of the needles.  Instead light pressure from fingers is used to stimulate points along the meridians and at other locations.   It plays a great role in relieving energy blockages and restarting the flow of Chi, or life force, into the tissues and organs. Chi energy is needed to balance the body and allow healing.  Impurities and excess fluids move out of the area and nutrients move in.
This in turn can reduce aches and pains in your companion animal. Pain and /or discomfort are the body’s alarm signal.  When dealing with pain, it is essential that the causes are looked for and are understood.   Acupressure can turn off pain or render great relief from pain or discomfort in your companion animal in a few short period of time.