What is Animal PsychAromatica

Animal PsychAromatica (APA) is a method of healing that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with applied kinesiology and essential oils or animal aromatherapy. Deb Teubert is one of only three people in the U.S. certified in this healing modality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
is largely based on the concept that the body is a complete universe with a set of sophisticated interconnected systems, called meridians. These meridians work to balance and maintain the healthy function of the body.  When this balance is interrupted, symptoms of unwellness appear. Unlike the Western anatomical model—which divides the physical body into parts—the Chinese model is more concerned with interconnectedness between mind and body. This means that emotional and/or mental stress very much affects the physical parts of the body which then manifests as disease.

Applied Kinesiology (AP)
, or muscle testing, is actually a modern therapy first used by Dr Goodheart, an American chiropractor, in 1964. AP uses many of the principles of TCM but taps directly into the body’s biofeedback system, which allows us to interact with and understand the mental, physical, chemical and energetic make-up of an animal and what will help it heal.

Applied Kinesiology is used by Teubert to assess your animal’s health in a number of ways. These include, testing for meridian imbalance, food sensitivities and allergens, diet and nutritional needs, and choosing the correct essential oils to assist in healing. This is also a very effective way to determine if what you are feeding your animal is agreeing with him, and what supplements might be appropriate.

Essential oils (EO)
are very potent extracts of aromatic plants. For the most part they are steam distilled from leaves, flowers, seeds and roots—wherever each plant has chosen to store its essential oil. Each plant uses its essential oil to protect itself from disease and predators, to heal wounds and as phyto-hormones, which are chemicals that regulate plant growth. These are the unique and wonderful qualities they offer to our animals and us as well.

Essential oils are extremely powerful and they are easily absorbed through the blood/brain barrier via olfaction or smelling.  In the brain essential oils seem to touch the proper receptors lightly and briefly, then go on their way.  They do not lock on to receptors in the same way as manufactured chemicals. This is why essential oils are not classified as medicines as we know them. Instead, they work gently and holistically to balance the entire system. Essential oils contain ingredients that animals would pick and choose freely to maintain health if they were living in a natural state, but are deprived of when domesticated. 

When we combine Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied kinesiology and essential oils, we have a complete and holistic understanding of the body/mind complex or PsychAromatica. This is a profound method for getting to the root of any health issue in animals.